Office Update 2015-16
This is my office door depicting the counseling program's theme, iHELP. The kids love peeking in the window labeled "Live Cam of Dr. McCormac."

Office Update 2014-15
I teach all the K-2 students the basic components of the Conscious Discipline. The breating icons are free posters

All our learning spaces have a safe place or cool down spot because we use the Responsive Classroom approach.  We also use the Conscious Discipline strategies with our younger students.  This is the corner of my office for a student who needs to take a break. The Calm Down box is kept here.

I bought 4 of the blue Kore Wobble Stools to help keep my young friends in one spot. I offer them the choice to sit on chair or stool.

I changed my door sign to reflect the grades I am covering this year and our new iHELP theme and logo. I post our Mission Statement and Annual Calendar in a similar iHelp frame.

Office Make-Over 2012-13 
        From a color psychology perspective, blue is a peaceful color that can cause the body to produce calming chemicals.  Blue is reliable and responsible. Some studies have found people are more productive in blue rooms.  That said I wish I could paint my cinder block walls blues, but since that is not allowed, I am trying to bring more blue into my office.
        I have added a blue cloth on my computer table, blue desk lamp, tranquil blue class light filters (I tried 2 but have ordered 2 more), and blue curtains. I already had blue chairs, a blue carpet, and half a wall full of blue Family Resource Packs. It is not that I want my office to be a blue room, but I do want it to be well organized and visually pleasing. It actually feels more calming and hopefully will reduce tension.
        I got the idea how to make a simple valance to soften the white blinds on my windows from Pinterest.  It is just 2 table runners held up by pipe cleaners attached to top of blinds attached with safety pins.  The blue light filters are available through school supply catalogs and Amazon.

My supply of Post-its and erasable colored pencils

My new relaxed atmosphere computer work table
I have good feeling pictures on my rug but this set of "I Feel..." had 12 other emotions showing not just faces but body language too so they are now on my cabinets.  Children can stand on the feeling that describes what they are feeling or point to one of these child drawn emotions.
Our state school counselors association sent us the red Wordle about school counseling so I hung it in the window of my door.


Office 2011-12

I am lucky to have a good size window so I can grow real plants which I love. I try to keep multicultural pictures and artifacts in my office to show that I celebrate diversity. I keep my most frequently used books on these open shelves. The top of the book shelf has things I want the children to explore or props I use in counseling. I have very cool 3D puzzles the children love, kaleidoscopes to illustrate change, a play microphone to help some students find their voice (an autistic child loves this), stress fidget objects, 3 sizes of rocks to determine how big a problem the student thinks it is, a sand tray, and puppets.

I have a large puppet collection. I don't use puppets in classrooms but do with small groups and some individual students.

This is my new ABC Feelings rug. It is great! I have had students read and discuss the feelings, pick 2 they have the day they see me, and can't wait to use it in small groups.

I love Big Books to use in classrooms. Some individual students use the doll house. I am lucky to have adequate storage for professional books and games.

 This is my table I use for groups. I have had as many as 10 students around it for a Study Skills group. I have blue Thera-bands on each chair for friends who need to kick and move. On the table is my recycled newspaper box with my classroom lessons for the week. It is useful in keeping my materials together and easy to grab and go to the next class. The large stress relievers and feelings cube on the table can be used as ice breakers or for students to manipulate during sessions.

This side of the room is where the Family Resource Packs hang, My large easel I use for groups, and my computer table I use instead of a desk. I am very deliberate in what I hang on the walls in my room. I have an academic poster "Keys to Success," personal/social key concepts (empathize, negotiate, and compromise), and a poster of the 6 Career Paths we teach in our program. I try to provide everyone who visits my office that the counseling program addresses 3 domains.

Here is my career poster and Korean fan. My son happens to be adopted from Korea and I think it is important to celebrate my family's culture as a model for students. I also decorate for St. Patrick's Day because I am Irish!