Monday, April 29, 2013

Career Cafe

Today was our ninth and final lunchtime Career Cafe for fifth grade.  This was a pilot for us (my part-time counselor organized Career Cafe for third grade).  Every presenter told me they enjoyed sharing their education and career with the students.  At least half of these parents had presented at our Career Fair previously and they told me they liked this much more. Students signed up in advance and the attendance varied from 20 to 41 today.  We heard about some very interesting occupations including a Forensic Scientist for the U.S. Marshall Service, and attorney who defends companies like Disney against knock-offs, an aerospace physiologist, etcetera.  I enjoyed all the sessions and was very impressed with the high level of questions the students asked the presenters.  We have a survey that all fifth graders will take tomorrow to give us important feedback to shape our planning for next year.  I will share the results soon.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Put-ups and Put-downs

Check out the web site Playful Leaning to see a very short but informative video to teach young children the power of their words.  They even offer a reasonable on-line course for this curriculum.