Tuesday, April 2, 2013


As counselors we have used the STAR acronym for a number of skills including decision making, conflict resolution, and problem solving: S - stop; T - think; A - Act; R - review/reflect.  The Conscious Discipline model uses STAR to help students self-regulate when experiencing strong emotions, especially anger.  I recently purchased these two song CDs that facilitate teaching the strategies in classrooms or small groups.  Of course I like one song on each CD.  The lyrics are available on line http://consciousdiscipline.com/resources/song_lyrics.asp
They use STAR
S - Stop
T - Take a deep breath
A - And
R - Relax
Check out the "Choose to Be a S.T. A. R." and STAR Song.  The cite has many free resources too. I have my star wand in the picture because they encourage you to use a prop or visual (you can download their star) when leading the song.

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