Friday, April 12, 2013

Foundation: Vision, Mission, Beliefs

Our counseling program RAMPed 3 years ago so we had a mission, philosophy, and set of belief statements based on the Second Edition of the ASCA Model.  Under the Third Edition counseling programs now must develop beliefs, vision and mission statements. We have a great counseling advisory committee at my school and we were able to revise our mission and beliefs much more easily than develop a mission statement.  A vision statement is the what of your program and it is suppose to be inspiring.  We wanted no more than 2 sentences.  We spent 2 meetings on it and have to go out for another round of edits.  Our district does not yet have a counseling program vision statement so we only had the overall district vision to to align with.  Once our statement is finalized I will post.  It definitely made us think about the end product we are working towards...

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