Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Resource Packs

The pupil services staff at my school has developed 40 Family Resource Packs for families on common topics funded by our PTA. Inside each eco-friendly bag is a binder or folder with an overview of the resources available on the topic, including books for parents and children, as well as web sites and articles. We also post the information in the binder on our Blackboard site in case parents just need a book recommendation and want to purchase their own copy of a book. We also include activities parents can do with their child and the materials needed for these activities. Most packs have at least one book for parents and two or three for them to read with their child. Where it seemed useful we developed separate packs for primary and upper grades. The packs are checked out (the staff write the family's name in a confidential log) for 2 weeks. We have been using them for 2 years and eventually all packs get returned although occasionally a book is missing. There is a list of the contents of each pack in the pocket along with all the pupil services staff contact information. The packs hang on the wall near the door of my office since I am the only pupil services staff member who is full-time. Inside the binder is a very brief evaluation form for parents and one for the children. The reaction to these packs has been very positive. Several families have checked out more than one. This year we plan to add 5 more based on needs identified by staff and suggested by families. The following are our current titles:

Anxiety (primary)
Anxiety (upper elementary)
Bed wetting
Changing Families (primary)
Changing Families (upper elementary)
Children and Sleep
Family member with Cancer
Feeling different
Girls’ Empowerment
Homework Hassles
Internet Safety
Honesty vs. Lying and Stealing
Maintaining friendships
Mom with cancer
New baby
New to Nottingham
Personal safety
Preparation for middle school – girl
Preparation for middle school – general
Puberty – boy
Puberty – girl
Ready for kindergarten?
Separation anxiety
Sibling rivalry
Serious illness (child)
Sleep issues (nightmares, etc.)

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  1. MaryBeth, this is awesome! You are so innovative! Thank you for being such an amazing resource!