Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bullying Foldable

We have a well established bullying program based on the Steps to Respect curriculum so students at every grade level get lessons from the counselor about this important topic.  In fifth grade one lesson is on Bystander Power.  To make the lessen more engaging and memorable while I do a Smart Board lessen on the three types of bystanders the students complete a three part foldable (This takes me 5 minutes for all classes instead of 5 minutes per child out of a thirty minute lesson).  I pre-fold and cut the paper so all they have to do is label, draw, and explain.  As we learn about each type they write 2 bullets about that type of bystander and do a quick illustration to show understanding of the concepts.  For example a Passive Bystander - watches and does nothing and - provides an audience.  The drawing is a silent face of a person.  I want them to draw the bystander not the student who is bullying to focus on the bystander response. We do the passive and Harmful Bystander then talk about how these tow are the same and different, then move to the Helpful Bystander.  The students like creating their own booklet and were eager to take them home to share with families.  They are told to discuss how 2 of the categories are part of the problem, but one is part of the solution.

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