Monday, April 28, 2014

The Juice Box Bully

This is a great book for grades 1-3 to teach students what a helpful bystander can do in a bullying situation. I use a juice box as a prop to ask "How could a juice box be used to bully?" The students love when I bring props into the classroom.  The school in the story has "The Promise" regarding how to handle bullying. It is a good example of how the whole school must work together to decrease bullying. I use an anchor chart to show what is helpful and not helpful when you see bullying. My essential question is "How can bystanders be helpful in a bullying situation?" I have a large outline of a juice box with lines where they answer this question.  Here is a sample from a first grade girl, it concludes with "and then hug."  On the back I copy "The Promise" from the book and encourage the students to discuss this with parents when they take their work home.

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