Tuesday, June 2, 2015

End-of-the-Year Counseling Program Checklist

1 Transition activities - for students moving and moving up to middle school. Lead good-bye lunch groups, participate in Awards’ Ceremonies, and Promotion.
2 Staff survey – Google forms survey to assess topics covered in classroom lessons, groups offered, etc. to serve as basis for planning.
3 Data analysis – Review behavior data (discipline & bullying reports), attendance reports, and academic records of students (report cards and standardized tests).  Write and publish the Counseling Program Annual Report on Web page.
4 Draft annual calendar – Set dates for counseling advisory committee meetings, school-wide events, based on overall calendar planning for school and PTA.
5 Inventory and order books and supplies – Prepare orders that will be placed when funds are available.
6 Declutter office – move toward a paperless environment. Remove reference books, etc no longer being used.
7 Participate in grouping meetings – give input to class placements to facilitate classes that are balanced.
8 Pick summer project and professional development – pick one group curriculum or grade level curriculum to revise.  Set a goal for professional development including online webinars, professional learning communities via Twitter, books, etc.
9 Notes and forms - Shred notes with student information and send risk assessment forms to central office according to policy.
10 Celebrate successes and say goodbye – Reflect on what went well with the program, thank all those who collaborated to make the program successful, and acknowledge colleagues who will not be returning in the fall.

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