Saturday, February 6, 2016

Check for Understanding - What Stuck With You?

I only get 30 minutes to teach in classrooms. One quick way to check for understanding is to give each student a sticky note and ask them one of the essential questions from the lesson like "Why are random acts of kindness so powerful?" or "What is something new you learned today about problem solving?" or "What is one question you still have about electronic bullying?" Asking the essential question and tabulating the results can give you Perception Data for your lesson if you are following the ASCA National Model. All our students have a number in their class so I just have them put their number on the sticky note. You can put the numbers on your chart and just have them place their response on the laminated chart. That also serves as a quick way for you to remember who was absent when you taught the lesson. There are other versions of this chart on Pinterest...

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