Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guest Editor Post: Image-Based Life Lessons

Hello all! My name is Eric Cooper and I am glad for the opportunity to guest post on the Elementary Counseling Blog. I recently published a book called Image-Based Life Lessons (YouthLight, Inc.) and would like to share one of the lessons with you here.

“My Connectors” is a friendship lesson that would make a great beginning-of-the-year activity in most grades. In the childhood years, it seems that most good friendships are built upon enjoying to do the same things together. When two kids discover that they both love making bracelets, playing football, or riding longboards, they instantly feel more comfortable around each other and they have something to do together that will grow the friendship. Therefore, the main objective for a child who wants to make new friends is to first figure out what his or her own connectors are, and then find others with the same connectors.

This lesson, along with the others in the book, is presented in a highly-visual and engaging way that helps kids easily understand and conceptualize the issue, and makes the concept stick in their memories. Each of the lessons in the book stemmed from moments in my work with children when I was struggling to find a way to communicate an important principle to a particular child, and suddenly the right idea popped into my mind. I have found that analogies, visuals, and stories are powerful tools for school counselors. Topics in the book include mindset, peer pressure, bullying, anger and self-control, self-concept and more.

You can find a link for the book here. https://youthlight.com/I hope you find these resources useful!

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