Saturday, October 29, 2016

Music Reduces Anxiety and Stress

I went to a great workshop at VSCA on using music in counseling and since then I have been experimenting more with music, movement, and rhythms in my office and lessons. I have lots of CDs but since I do not consider myself musical I have always been hesitant to use much music. After researching this topic for a few weeks I am even more convinced that many students would benefit from music being incorporated into counseling (and their daily life). I intend to recommend music more to parents of my students with high levels of anxiety. The research shows music tracks that are peaceful and serene are the most effective in reducing anxiety.  If you are working with students who are poorly self-regulated music with a steady beat is better. I like this article that suggests combining music, movement, and meditation should be combined for 10-20 minutes a day to reduce stress 12-ways-to-reduce-stress-with-music. I encourage you to experiment more with music in your practice. If you have a good suggestion, please share in Comments.

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