Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hunter New and Improved

Some of the signs of self-regulation difficulties in children include ongoing struggles with concentration (e.g., being unable to listen in a group lesson), looking sad and bored in daily activities (e.g., playing with others), or becoming easily upset and anxious so they are unable to move on. My second graders in self-regulation groups love "Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control". The story book has been around awhile but it has been redone and now includes a complete self-regulation program with a CD to reproduce all pages, as well as a kit and poster.

Hunter's Amazing Remote Control buttons include:

Channel Changer - Filtering out distractions
Pause - Stopping to think relax and create a plan
Fast Forward - Thinking before acting
Rewind - Shifting focus from past failure to future change
Slow Motion - Slowing down and managing stress
Coach - Problem solving
Zapper - Recognizing and rejecting negative thinking
Way to Go! - Using positive self-talk 

The guide has discussion questions to go along with the book and creative activities to introduce, teach and practice the strategies. The guide has 10 units, it begins with "Our Amazing Differences, then has a unit for each button, and ends with "Self-control." The Remote Control can be adapted (I only introduce 6 in grade 2) and children can add their own based on their individual needs. I highly recommend this set of materials for self-regulation youthlight.com

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