Friday, April 20, 2012

Rainbow of Friendship

For the culminating activity for my first grade girls group with the goal to identify qualities of positive friends I adapted the idea I saw on Pinterest.  I cut out clouds, wrote each girls name in a cloud, and precut the rays in rainbow colors.  At the beginning of the session we reviewed positive qualities we had covered in previous sessions and I wrote them on the white board.  Then I gave each girls her set of materials and told them to write 5 positive qualities they have now (red-blue) and on the two purple strips (representing indigo and violet) they think about and write 2 they still need to work on after the group.  I was very impressed with their discussion of which ones they already have, including checking for feedback with fellow members, and which ones should be goals for the future.  They loved the activity and were eager to take it home with them to share with family.  This could be adapted for a classroom lesson in first or second grade.

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