Monday, April 23, 2012

Senteo SMART

Today I taught my first lesson using the Smart Board AND getting pre and post lesson data using the Senteo response system.  I tried with my first lesson on careers in grade 2.  None of my second grade teachers use the Senteos so the students were eager but also needed more explanation about how they work and why we use them.  I like doing career lessons on the Smart Board because you can incorporate good pictures and check for understanding with simple exercises and games.  At the beginning of my lesson I simply thought about what I want the students to know and checked to see how many already had the information.  I first asked if they thought second graders should know what occupation they will do and 60% thought that was true.  I then asked what they need to consider in picking a career path (interests, school subjects, where they like to spend time, and talents/strengths).  At the beginning of the lesson only 58% though all of these matter but at the end 80% chose the all of the above response.  When I did the same lesson last week in another class, the technology wasn't working so I asked by show of hands.  That data is not near as reliable because the students are influenced by what their friends vote for and the majority selects.  Setting up the Senteos takes about 5 extra minutes and a few minutes to collect and return them.  I do think having good data showing students learn the material we are teaching makes this worth the time.  You can choose to show the students a graph of how they responded.  This could be an interesting point of discussion.  For example, the percent of students in a class that indicated they are interested in a specific career path could be a good data point to discuss.  I will definitely use this technology again.

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