Monday, June 18, 2012


Today starts our final week in school for the year.  Yes we are still in school even though all other schools are out.  Amid the frenzy of closing out a school year, gathering up and reporting my program data, brainstorming goals for next year my personal email account was hacked on Friday.  I am now permanently locked out of the account and did not same a back copy of my contacts or print many important emails.  I also used that same password on many other sites so I spent the better part of my weekend changing passwords and trying to regain some of the lost information and contacts.  Let that be a wake up call.  Needless to say I needed to use all 10 of my favorite stress relievers. Maybe some of these are what you use or suggest to the students in your school.
1 Breathe slowly and deeply
2 Take a walk
3 Call a friend
4 Listen to music
5 Eat a healthy snack
6 Count my blessings
7 Gaze at my garden
8 Recite an affirmation (I can straighten this out)
9 Spend time with a family member
10Make a list of things to do on summer vacation

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  1. I just found your Bulletin Board page - thank you SO much for those amazing ideas.

    The Corner On Character