Friday, August 24, 2012

Open House: School Counseling Program Public Relations

It is very easy to get caught up in setting up your office, meeting new staff, and planning lessons during preservice week; however, it is very important to take every opportunity to reach out to parents especially as the school year begins. I am fortunate to have an office on the main hall of my school so many parents walk right past my door.  Before the Open House begins the student service staff set up an information table.  We have our brochures, hints for parents about the start of the year, and the flyer for our kick-off Boo Hoo Breakfast. We also display some of our popular Family Resource Packs that parents can borrow on common topics. This year we will also be soliciting volunteers for our Career CafĂ© initiative in grade 5.
Finally, we display a few “tools of the trade” so families begin to see our role: a few colorful stress balls, college banners, "New Student Survival Kit", passport, and character education book marks that the students can take.  I don’t stay with the display because I usually end up giving directions and talking to families.  This year I am wearing my new “Counselor” t-shirt I purchased at the ASCA National Conference.  The goal is to make the counseling program visible and accessible to the entire learning community.

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