Monday, November 5, 2012

4Rs of Bullying

For the fourth grade the Steps to Respect bullying education program requires the students to be able to recognize what is bullying, refuse the bullying by being assertive, report the behavior to a trusted adult, and adds record the message in the case of cyber bullying.  I taught this lesson using a Power Point but the 4 door foldable that each student completed was the key material of the lesson.  Our students like making these easy to construct summaries of lessons.  In this case they wrote the 4 Rs on the outside, on the inside they wrote the most important words, and under the flap they did a picture to remind them of the key idea of each.  For example, for Recognize they write one-sided, on purpose, repeated, and/or power.  The drawing could be a reminder of the imbalance of power.  My students took their foldables home with a letter to parents about the lessons we are teaching on digital citizenship and cyber bullying and inviting them to a parent event next week on this important topic.

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