Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get Kids Thinking About Colleges

As counselors we are supposed to plant dreams and high aspirations.  We want all students to understand they need to plan on pursuing some type of post-secondary education or training.  Most elementary students have not visited a college campus (I surveyed mine) and therefore need  to start being exposed to information about colleges.  We planned this bulletin board based on an idea we saw in “Four Ways to Teach Kids about College.” We made a collage background from catalogs from many different colleges, particularly ones in our state.  We just asked 2 staff members to give us catalogs their high schoolers were getting in the mail for schools they were not interested in … We selected a balance of males and females with minority representation to feature on our “Guess Where…” board.  We tried to pick good role models, people many students would know, and again graduates from some of our state universities.  This bulletin board is interactive, guess then open folders to see the right answer.  It is attractive, interesting and informative.

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