Thursday, January 3, 2013

Readers Theater

In two of my second grade emotion management groups today we read through the script of this darling book. The script can be found at Just click on the link "Readers Theater" and you can download the script in a PDF.  There are other books appropriate for counseling groups.  For example, there is a script for "A Bad Case of the Stripes" which is a book I have mentioned before on this blog.  Many teachers in the primary grades use readers theater as a way to support reading development.  You can use these scripts to support academic and personal/social development at the same time.  I assign a part (or two) to each member, they highlight the copy of their script, practice reading it to themselves and ask if they need help with words, then we do the story together.  These scripts follow the book very closely so I turn the pages so those who are not reading can enjoy the pictures that match the text.  Because they are reading they really get the repetition of the "What if..." thinking in this book.  I like to do one script or poem or song with each group I read.  I try to vary the types of activities in each session.  Boys and girls both appreciate this story.

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