Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Resources for Supporting Healthy Development in Girls

"Girls are becoming increasingly disillusioned about the media's portrayal of women. Over half of those aged 11 to 21 disagree with the statement that 'girls and young women are portrayed fairly in the media'." The Girls’ Attitudes Survey, Girlguiding UK, 2011 I found this data on a very good web site
This site is trying to stem the tide against  overtly gender-segregated, sexist products aimed at young children. 

I think it is important that we teach girls about a variety of women who made a difference in the world.  This ABC book of female heroines should be on all elementary library and counselor's shelves.  It includes a diverse group of women.  I think Amelia Earhart is an excellent lead because she is remembered as someone who was brave and courageous. She is a role model to many because she made a path for women in aviation and other fields that had not been open to women. Amelia Earhart displayed some very important values, many of which we see in exceptional role models today. Among these were loyalty, sincerity, moral character, honesty, and ethics. She was always about helping the underdog. She was also persistent and never gave up on a goal.


A modern day role model I want girls to know about is Justice  Sonia Sotomayor. Among other things, she's the first Hispanic on the Court, she's the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants who settled in the Bronx -- that New York melting pot.  Her interview on 60 Minutes this week was so down to earth and honest.  I would have preferred that they had edited out her statement about beating up the boys who beat up her brother, but otherwise this Justice lets girls know if they have a dream and work hard they can overcome obstacles.  Her family was poor, she was raised for much of her life by her mom because her dad died of alcoholism when she was 9, and she was a juvenile diabetic.  We need to be sure our girls know women are in key positions in our country and they too can some day change the world!

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