Friday, May 6, 2016

The Role of School Counselors in Drug Prevention: An Infographic

Guest Post by Tim Wayne
The need for education about substance abuse is growing more and more urgent: In a 2013 survey of students, illustrated in the infographic below, fewer believe that the use of marijuana, heroin, or cocaine presents risks. Along with those numbers comes with the fact that within the past decade, fewer students claim to have been exposed to prevention messages and programs at school.

Although students are much more likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol after they advance from the elementary grades, elementary school counselors play an important role by providing drug-prevention messaging and education. Counselors are essential in orchestrating community support that students need to recognize the risks of substance abuse. 

In order to protect students from abuse of drugs and alcohol now and in the future, school counselors of all levels can help their schools by being proactive in their school’s drug policies, promoting effective prevention messaging, and inviting a community of parents, local law enforcement, and youth organizations to assist in their efforts.

Learn more about substance abuse among youth and the role that school counselors can play in drug prevention with the infographic below from Bradley University.

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