Monday, November 14, 2016


We use Second Step and MindUp as the basis for out Tier 1 evidence-based classroom lessons. This month my theme for all lessons is Empathy. I use the lessons I can't cover in classes because of limited time in some of the small groups I run. Empathy is a foundational skill for relationships and problem solving. Showing compassion and expressing gratitude are was of putting empathy into action. As a simple ice breaker in small groups, I have each member pick 3 links out of 6 colors. It is like you would do if yo were using candy but I NEVER use food in lessons or groups. After each member has 3 I then show them this chart and they share what they appreciate or feel grateful related to the category. For example if I took red, purple, and orange I would say, "I am grateful to my mom for all she did for me, I am grateful for the beach because that is my relaxing place, and I appreciate my ability to listen because it makes me a good counselor." I then encourage members to express gratitude to someone who is not usually thanked during the next week for "homework." I typically give group members the assignment to work on the skill we discussed in group.

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