Thursday, November 17, 2016

Social Emotional Learning Resource

If you are not familiar with these delightful books by Dr. John. According to their creator, these characters (books) enable kids with all types of personal issues to talk about their emotions and understand that they are not alone. The earlier students learn about their own feelings, the more they can recognize and sympathize with how others feel too.  With knowledge comes power, and with emotional understanding comes empathy, self-respect and resolution. Dr. John wants us "all embrace our inner “Woo”!" I use the books in Tier 2 groups in second grade for emotional regulation. The website has lesson plans that could be adapted for classroom lessons taught by the counselor but since we use Second Step and MindUp for Tier 1 I use these for Tier 2 intervention groups.The website has an informal anxiety checklist that could be taken by children and parents. It also has a tip sheet for parents.  My favorite is "Don't Feed the Worry Bug" which could benefit anxious students in grades 1-3.

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