Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Session for Groups

My favorite way to end groups is to do the post-group survey, a round or two sharing what they learned, and then play a review bingo. I do LOTS of groups for students with stress and anxiety and I have made my own bingo games but I really like the one I bought from mar*co for less than $20 marcoproducts.com This one, Stress-less, was written by an elementary counselor, Lisa Miller, who has published a few resources through mar*co. Included with the bingo game are several handouts that could be used during the group. I always laminate the student cards because my groups in grades 3-5 are always at lunch and then they can be wiped down.  I never give prizes for "winning" but I frequently tell the members is they play fairly and don't make a big deal out of winning or loosing they will all get something. I usually give them something to remind them of the group like bubbles to practice slow breathing or a stress ball to squeeze when studying for a test.

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