Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Planning Groups

When I am planning a new group I begin thinking of the students needs and draft goals. I then decide which of the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors I think the group will address. Next I draft "I can" statements which are the competencies you want members to develop. Then I look for evidence-based resources and practices I have access to that fit the concern. If appropriate I will incorporate some of the Second Step or MindUp skills that students referred still have not mastered since those are our tier 1 adopted program. Then I think about a song or book that I can use to help teach the competency and a response that will let me know if the students can do the competency. After deciding the sequence of sessions, I develop individual session plans. I find this simple 4 column table is a good place to plan a framework for groups. I keep this framework at the front of the binder for that particular group with the session plans and all the materials I need behind it. When leading a group the first time I just write my notes on what should be revised right on this framework. Sometimes I do multiple sections with the same goals for 2 separate groups of students. As I get to know them I might observe one group needs more focus on specific behaviors and others need better communication. If this is the case I will note two options for a specific lesson.

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