Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wish List: Budget

In my district the school does not have a "counseling program" line item in the budget. Each year I purchase what I need from several "pots" of money. Every counselors (like teachers) get basic supply money and a reimbursement for some of our "out of pocket expenses." We get $120 from our District supervisor to purchase counseling materials. Those schools that have a PTA can access some funds by writing mini grants which I do every year. To get assistance for paying for professional development I have found if I submit a proposal that gets accepted and am a presenter I can usually get some of my conference expenses covered (school, PTA, or District). If you are willing to pilot certain programs counselors can sometimes get grant funds through your district. I used to do this through Safe and Drug Free Schools and now I get some funds through MTSS (tiered system of support). Also I have learned from working in schools for over 30 years, sometimes near the end of the fiscal year a school or Department finds they have extra money that becomes "use or loose." I always keep a wish list ready to go in early May just in case I am asked if "I need anything." Today I was told I could spend a significant amount of money if I could get the details to our budget person by noon this Friday. I had it to her by noon today! I have worked in several schools over my career and have benefited from this end of the year "gift" in every school at least once.

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