Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Organizing Effective Groups Part 2

When I am planning a group I decide which of the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors I want to address. I select one or two Mindsets for each group and then usually one (but sometimes two) Behaviors per session. I do this based on the overall need/issue being addressed, some of the possible reasons, and my own experience in the area of need (like anxiety). The ASCA Behaviors selected are used to develop perception measures for each session and what I want to measure in the Pre-Post Group Survey. I also list the main materials, most of which should be evidence-based, that I am going to use in my group. As a RAMP reviewer I have seen counselors try to address 3-4 Behaviors in a single session and that is not feasible. If you need more help with the refer to the ASCA National Model Implementation Guide. The Guide is the most practical of the books in the ASCA Model series and a must study if you want to achieve RAMP!

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