Friday, November 18, 2011

Career Fair

We had our bi-annual career fair today for grades 3-5. We were fortunate to have 28 presenters come to our multipurpose room that represented the 6 career paths: business, helping, health, nature, creative, and fixing building and technology. The students were given a sheet to take notes about the 2 career paths that most interest them then they were allowed to circulate and visit other occupations. They have a follow up writing assignment to write a paragraph about what they learned. The evaluations from the presenters were very positive. They felt the students learned a lot about a variety of occupations. We will get the teachers evaluations back next week. This year we asked all presenters to talk about their college or institution where they got training as well. Several even wore their college gear. My part-time counselor did a super job getting a wide variety of presenters so that all paths had at lest 3 presenters and more for helping. It was very rewarding to see the students so engaged asking meaningful questions.

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