Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Prop Interventions: Creative Toolbox

Props are physical objects used to illustrate a concept or facilitate the counseling process. I believe counseling needs to be engaging to be effective. Counseling with props helps children make connections and sustains attention. My favorite props include: - a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of sticky notes The counselor or the client can write or draw key words or ideas and move them around on the table to make connections (Example: Antecedents, behavior, consequences) - small white board with a variety of colored special markers Again either the counselor or client can write or draw (Example: draw the friendship triangle and where conflicts are occurring with wavy lines - rocks (small, medium, large) When discussing a problem ask student is it small enough to carry around in your pocket all day and still function, medium you know its in your back pack but you can manage, and large we need to deal with it immediately because it is weighing you down - toy microphone- Great for role-playing assertiveness - rubber bands Shows if student is being pulled in 2 directions by peers - remote control or video game controller Student can say what they can do to pause, go faster, slow down, etc Try to incorporate props in your sessions and assess whether it has a powerful impact on clients.

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