Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Authors

My favorite authors of books I use for classroom lessons and small group counseling are: Howard Binkow, Nancy Carlson, Kevin Henkes, Helen Lester, and Trudy Ludwig. I also use most of Julia Cook's books. Bibliocounseling involves identification, surfacing of emotions (the catharsis, insight (thinking), and universalization. It is important to select a book to meet the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve in the lesson or session. The counselor needs to help the students see the link to the skill you want them to acquire. It is important to ask meaningful questions about the story to help the children with interpretation. That is one reason I like Ludwig's books because she provides the questions for discussion. Do you have a favorite author you use?

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  1. I love Trudy Ludwig books! I keep a growing list of Books That Teach on my school site - you can access it here:

    Books That Teach

    I think it's so cool that that author is a grandparent at your school! And I love your Tri-Angle bulletin board!

    The Corner On Character