Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Its A Small World I just put up this bulletin board Try-Angle outside my office that I got from the book,Counseling On the Wall! from Marco. These bulletin board materials come on a CD and you just print, laminate, and follow the simple directions. I matted the triangles on black paper just to get them to pop a little but it was definitely the fastest board I have done. The author, Rosanne Sartori, is a "retired" counselor, educator, and storyteller. She contacted me today because it turns out two of her grandchildren attend my school and she is coming to Virginia for a visit. She was offering to do storytelling at our school when she visits. When I made the connection I had to send her this picture of "her" bulletin board in our school. We are hoping she can meet with the elementary counselors in our district while she is visiting as well.

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