Thursday, January 9, 2014

A great referral experience

Today an upper grade student asked her teacher if she could come see me.  When I pulled her and asked "Why did you want to talk to me..."  She said she had been to her pediatrician the day before for a check-up and shared with the doctor she has terrible test anxiety.  The doctor asked if she knew her school counselor and would feel comfortable asking for help.  She said yea and her mom agreed.  When she came to school this morning she asked if she could see me.  I was very pleased the pediatrician understood the role of the school counselor and happy the girl felt comfortable and was able to ask her teacher to see me.  I will send home a permission form in her Friday folder knowing she has already taken the first step to handling her test anxiety.

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  1. Awesome! There are a few that really do understand what we do! :)