Sunday, January 5, 2014

No Name-Calling Week 2014: January 20-24

The GLSEN website  has lesson plans for K-5 for use in the classroom.  Most of them are good.  I really like "Blow the Whistle on Name-Calling" which I hope my PE teachers will use during January 20-24.  I am going to teach an adaptation of "What If It's Not Me" because I like to stress the role of the bystander in making our school a safe place for everyone.  I will not use "Staying SAFE."  I tried that several years ago. It introduces students to the four strategies for dealing with name-calling and bullying that are
illustrated by the acronym SAFE – Say what you feel, Ask for help, Find a friend, and Exit the area.  The order of this just does not make sense to me.  This week is a great time to address the cruel name-calling and teasing that goes on in elementary schools every day.  Thanks GLSEN!

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