Monday, April 13, 2015

Adoption - National Birthmother's Day and Mother's Day

Some schools go all out for for Mother's Day without thinking about the negative impact it may have on students who have lost a mother through death, divorce, or a birth mother that are adopted. I have had students sent to me sobbing during the lead up to Mother's Day because a well-meaning music teacher decided to teach some songs about mothers. That student's mother had died a few years before but the music teacher "forgot." Mother's Day is often a nightmare for two-dad families. The Saturday before Mother's Day in National Birthmother's Day families/remember-began-national-birth-mothers-day/  Other families built by adoption celebrate the birth mother and adoptive mother on Mother's Day I always encourage staff to think about what they are asking children to do related to mother's day and understand that for some children this is a reminder of a loss not a happy day.  

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