Monday, April 20, 2015

Best book for grade 3 bullying lesson!

This month all our classroom lessons focus on bullying.  We use the Steps to Respect materials from the as the research base for our program.  We teach all the students their definition of bullying. We try to emphasize being assertive is usually the best response to bullying.  The best book for this message in grade 3 is One by Otoshi.  I use a Smartboard lesson introduction to reteach the definition and the 3 roles in the bullying triangle then I do the following pre-reading questions: Why is this book named One? (Take a few predictions); Have you ever been bullied? (Show by thumbs); Have you ever been a bystander? (Show by thumbs); How do the different colors in the book make you feel? (Based on picture walk) I stop during reading How does it make you feel when Red is mean to Blue? Post-reading I ask How does this story make you feel about bullying. To make sure the students meet the learning objectives they complete a simple fill in the blank handout.  On the back they draw a response to the book with a caption.  Their responses tell me they really understand the message of the book!
If you need discussion questions or a premade handout "Everyone Can Count" check out one.pdf

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  1. It sounds like your students really caught the essence of the lesson! It's nice that you kept it simple and to the point. I'm sure most of them were engaged the entire time. Changing activities regularly is a good way to keep the kids interested in the counseling session.