Friday, April 10, 2015

Study Skills and Organization - SUPER Students

I started my last small group for the school year this week.  We have school through the third week in June so I can do 8 sessions.  I use this resource by Chanaca (Youthlight) for my theme. I like the SUPER Formula: Self, Understand, Personal, Effort, and Results.  We go over the formula and set a goal in the first session.  This group is for grade 4. It is my third study skills group for the year in that grade.  Parents get very concerned after each report card about the impact of missing assignments which always creates a burst of referrals. For my study skills groups in grade 3 I use "STEP UP to Better Grades" by Zorn (Youthlight). For grade 5 I primarily use "Study Strategies for Early School Success" by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker (addwharehouse). I'd love counselors to post a comment if they have good study skills resources.

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