Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Perception Data: Knowledge

What do we expect students to know as a result of a lesson, group session, or other counseling activity? Perhaps a group of students lack tools to regulate anxiety at school. The pre/post survey for a "Chill Group" might include
I know how to use belly breathing to calm myself down.
I know that exercise reduces the effects of stress.
I know that not getting enough sleep makes anxiety worse.
I can think of ways to use visual imagery when I am anxious.
I can think of at least three ways to help me stay focused during large group lessons.
These statements can then be turned into Likert items with a 4 point scale.

ASCA suggests one or two short answer questions on pre/post surveys can yield better data, rather than students just rating themselves.
You can also ask a simple question and ask the student to write a specific response:
What are the 4 steps to solving a problem?
What are 3 positive things to do if you start feeling nervous before a test?
Other types of questions include write a definition of key terms, describe how to do something, or list the steps or components.
For example,
Define bullying behavior.
Describe what a helpful bystander should do if they are aware of classmates spreading a cruel rumor about a student in another class.
What do the letters SMART stand for in a SMART goal?

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