Friday, August 2, 2013

Component 12 - Program Evaluation Reflection

This component is all about the four themes of leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change. The question is: "How does your school's comprehensive school counseling program use leadership, advocacy and collaboration to create systemic change for the benefit of students?" The response can be a three-five minute video or audio file or a written 500-1,500 word essay.  Think of the 5 paragraph essay model we use in elementary schools for students to respond to prompts.  You should include a variety of examples with specific examples (data).  The focus should be on systemic change related to achievement, attendance, and behavioral change.  Be sure to connect your response back to school data and the counseling program goals.
It is important to really read carefully and digest the new information in the third edition about the 4 theme's.  I suggest viewing The ASCA National Model: Theme's and Foundation webinar Tammi Makeben does an excellent job of walking the viewer through the new research that has been added to the Model book to clarify the 4 themes.

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