Thursday, August 1, 2013

Component 11 - Closing-the-Gap Results Report

Closing-the-gap activities address academic or behavioral discrepancies that exist between student groups.  The closing-the-gap results report is clearly tied to school counseling program goals.  The counselor should have a lead role in the initiative although others can be involved as well.  It should be an appropriate activity for a counselor (sunshine group for students who are chronically tardy, not a remedial reading group).  The report must include process, perception, and outcome data.  Frequently Closing-the-Gap Results Reports only address perception or outcome data, not both. If you are confused by this watch the excellent webinar on the ASCA site by Dr. Hartline on Accountability. It is okay if differences were not achieved but in next steps you must say how these results will lead to improvements in the counseling program.  Remember to use data (numbers not just summary statements.

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