Saturday, July 20, 2013

Component 10 - Small Group Responsive Services

This component requires the school to document all small groups conducted during the school year (4-10 sessions) that address a broad variety of student needs (process data).  It also requires detailed session plans for one of the small groups; and a completed small group results report for the highlighted group that must include process, perception, and outcome data.  I suggest you pick a group that links directly to one of the school counseling program goals.   You want to select a group with highly developed activities that make it likely that members will achieve the session objectives.  Perception data is often directly tied to objectives or competencies.  I suggest you submit samples of student work showing the reviewer that the group actually happened.  You can submit a GRIP report as supplementary material to further show the group's impact (graph is included in GRIP).  Make sure in the narrative to make it clear why this group was led, how members were chosen, why a particular counselor led the group, and how the groups results will inform future school counseling groups.  If possible I suggest group members develop individual goals for the group because it personalizes student learning.

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