Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Component 8 - School Counseling Core Curriculum Action Plan and Lesson Plans

The school counseling core curriculum action plan provides details as to how the school counselors will efficiently and effectively deliver the school counseling program.  I personally find the template a bit of a challenge but you must use it to RAMP.  This is a curriculum plan implemented through direct instruction, team teaching or coordination with other educators. The competencies are taught using a variety of curriculum materials and activities.
You must also use the ASCA lesson plan template.  The lessons for RAMP should use school data and be directly linked to the vision, mission, and goals.  Of course the lessons list the ASCA Student Standards, competencies, and indicators.  The lessons need to be very well developed and highly likely to result in student mastery of the selected standards and competencies.  The lesson plans must include a plan for evaluation that addresses process, perception and outcome data.  Make absolutely sure you understand the differences.  You don't need lessons from each counselor, just 3 that meet the criteria.  The narrative must describe how the counselors decide what to deliver, to whom, how to deliver it, and the evaluation process.

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