Saturday, July 13, 2013

Component 4 ASCA Student Standards - Competencies and Indicators

In the third edition the standards we used to call ASCA standards were renamed "ASCA Student Standards." The ASCA Student Standards are organized in three broad domains: academic, career and personal/social. Most programs use a combination of the ASCA specific indicators, state school counseling program standards, and local standards as the foundation for classroom lessons, small groups and activities.  Now ASCA is encouraging using other standards as well, such as Framework for 21st Century Learning and the Six Pillars of Character.  Standards we find useful is NOSCA's Eight Components of College and Career Readiness Counseling. In other words in this section you must tell how you selected the ASCA Student Standards that guide your program and what other standards you also use and why. Like the other components they must be linked to the school counseling program's vision, mission and goals.  In the narrative you must address how they are reviewed and revised each year. The ASCA Student Standards: Program Planning Tool can assist you in making sure your program is comprehensive (covers all the competencies).  Some school districts do a crosswalk to the local, state, and ASCA Student Standards which is very useful.

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