Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where to begin the RAMP process?


If you don't already own a copy of the third edition of The ASCA National Model purchase it from ASCA and read the entire book.  Once you are familiar with the changes (or if you are relatively new to the profession)  start examining your program your program based on the four components: foundation, management, delivery and accountability. Make sure your administrator has a working understanding of the model.  I recommend giving the principal the Executive Summary of the model, a nice 4 page summary in color and with graphics.  You absolutely must have administrative support to RAMP.  If you are in a large district the Director of Counseling may have briefed principals on the model.  If you do have a Director in your district that person may be a resource.  The RAMP application has to be signed off by your School Board so start at the beginning making sure your administrator knows this is part of the process.  This is the time to negotiate with your administrator to get rid of non-counseling duties so you can spend the recommended amounts of time delivering counseling services. Most principals like external reviews and recognitions of programs in their schools.  Achieving RAMP will give your principal bragging rights, use this to your advantage to gather support for this adventure.

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