Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Five Favorite Tech Tools


 Technology is a counselor's friend. My favorites go up and down but for the past school year here are the top 5 in order of how frequently I used each:
1) Dropbox - I save all my files and pictures in drop box.  I can access them from any computer with this free file hosting service.
2) Twitter - I use this online social networking service almost exclusively to keep up with trends in education, counseling, and related mental health fields.
3) Pinterest - I use this virtual pinboard to save ideas for groups, lessons, individual counseling, children's literature and of course recipes and wellness tips.
4) Google Forms - I use this to create surveys (parents and teachers) and pre-post tests for students.  In my opinion it is so much easier to use than Survey Monkey.
5) Live Binders - I save research articles, handout for parents, and other digital information in my virtual Binders.

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