Monday, July 8, 2013

RAMP Resources

There is not much available as far as good samples for the revised RAMP process based on the third edition. Be careful if you find items online because most of what is out there is from the second edition.  The best free resource for ASCA Members is the 2013 Webinar and PowerPoint "Take the On RAMP by Jill Cook.  Free webinar
The webinar will explain a clear overview of the process which is very useful if you have not done this before.  It explains the rubrics (available on the ASCA website) which you will want to download.  Each of the 12 components of RAMP applications are scored on a 1-5 scale.  The aim is to get all 4s and 5s to add up to 54 or better out of a possible 60 points.  The PowerPoint and Webinar that are archived on the ASCA web site walk the viewer through the 12 components.
I'd also recommend purchasing ASCA's "Making Data Work." Make sure you have the THIRD EDITION. The thing that trips up folks applying for RAMP is the data.  Unless you know the ins and outs of process, perception, and outcome data this workbook should be on your shelf during this process.

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