Friday, July 19, 2013

Component 9 - School Counseling Core Curriculum: Results Report

This component is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the school counseling classroom activities and inform program improvement.  The results report summarizes the three exemplary classroom lessons for component 8.  You must use all 3 types of data: process, perception and outcome data.  The narrative should include reflection and insights to what worked and did not work.  This reflection should be discussed in terms of how the lessons will lead to improvement in delivery in the future.  The ASCA template for Results Report must be used.  The data should tell the story of what worked and where improvements need to happen in the future.  I encourage you to PDF copies of actual student work products to give the reviewers a clear idea of how students responded to the lessons activities.   For example, if at the end of a lesson you had each student write and exit ticket showing mastery of the objective, submit a copy of one student's work.  If you used a rubric to score a work product, submit a copy of that as supplementary evidence.

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