Monday, July 15, 2013

Component 6 - Advisory Council

The advisory council is a representative group of stakeholders (parent, staff, administration, students, and community) selected to review and advise on the implementation of the school counseling program.  This component requires a list of the members and positions, agendas and minutes from at least two meetings.  To score in the strong or exemplary range, the council must be solely focused on the school counseling program.  The council must be school-specific and not created solely for RAMP.  The narrative provides a detailed explanation of how the council was developed and how it guides the program.  For example, councils may: advise on program goals, review program results, make recommendations, engage in public relations, and advocate for funding and resources for the school counseling program.  Typically the first meeting of the year the program calendar, goals, and evaluation data from the previous school year would be shared with the council.  The council can also be used to assist in the development of the mission and vision.  My council meets quarterly but RAMP only requires two meetings a year. This was our first year adding students.  We invited our SCA president and one of our 5th grade class representatives.  They were very good about coming, paid attention, and helped us with some public relations (made posters for special events and announcements on our school's TV show and PA).  We will definitely continue to include students to get their perspective and feedback.

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