Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is this the year to gather RAMP data?

Remember, RAMP is about the school counseling program and not individual school counselors.  However for most schools there is only one full-time elementary counselor.  It is time consuming to gather all the data needed for the 12 components of RAMP.  If you do have a part-time counselor assigned to your building, that person needs to be on board along with your administration.  Applying for RAMP takes lots of time outside the school day.  It is important to ask yourself do I have the time to commit to this right now?  It will take at least 14 months to RAMP.  You need to be prepared to start the work in August 2013 and continue until you submit your application October 2014.  What other demands do you have right now on your time outside of work?  Is it realistic for you to spend many extra hours honing the school counseling program, gathering the data, and writing it up?  If yes check back for more posts, if no continue working to implement the third edition of the Model.  The more components in place, the easier it will be to take on the challenge of RAMP when the time is right for you,

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