Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Component 7 - Calendars

The annual calendar informs parents, teachers, and administrators about school counseling activities that have an impact on all students as well as stakeholders.  This calendar must reflect the program goals and activities on the school counseling core curriculum action plan.  Two weekly calendars for each school counselor, one from each semester, must be submitted that are highly detailed and correlate with percentage of time allocated in the annual agreement.  The weekly calendar must be clearly coded so direct and indirect services are clearly communicated. If for some reason the weekly calendar you submit for RAMP does NOT match the estimates in the annual agreement, you need to provide an explanation in the narrative.  We go ahead and calculate the percentages for the reviewers and submit this information in the supplementary materials. The narrative describes how the counselors use and adjust the calendar as needed based on situations that arise during the school year.  Our annual calendar is shared with the advisory council at the first meeting.  It is posted on our web page, hung in the counselor's offices, and distributed to administrators and central office supervisor.  Our weekly calendars are kept in Outlook which is the email and calendar system our district uses.  We color code the types of services are periodically calculate percentage of time. We revise our annual calendar each semester to bring it up-to-date with services and events.  We update our weekly calendars daily because it is very easy to do.  We print them out weekly and use to calculate the services we provide.

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