Tuesday, August 6, 2013


RAMP designations are good for three years which goes by fast! At the end of that time, to remain a RAMP school, you must reapply. Re-RAMP applications are also due Oct. 15.
To reapply, complete the regular online RAMP application AND include your response to this final question:
“What impact has a high-quality, comprehensive school counseling program had on your school and students? Select one area for which you have collected data for the previous three school years and include a results report demonstrating the impact your program has had during that time. Relevant information and documentation must be included.”
ASCA really wants to know how RAMP school are doing. This component will not factor into the final score but is required for the application to be reviewed. I plan to use my school's bullying program for the one area we have collected data on for the past 3 years. I will be honest, I thought long and hard before I decided to Re-RAMP this year because of the change to the third edition.  It has taken almost as much work to work on Re-RAMP as it did initially.  I also have a different part-time counselor so there was a steep learning curve for her too.  Last year we made the decision to collect all the data.  We worked hard to get the first 7 components written up before school got out in June.  I am glad we did because in July my part-time counselor took a job for next year in a high school.  I have paced myself this summer working on writing up the other 5 components.  I have not started to work on the Re-RAMP narrative but I have the data. If anyone is doing Re-RAMP this year at the elementary level, please leave a comment.  I am curious if others are finding doing it under the new edition as challenging as our school...

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